Waterbirth Workshop


Why Choose a Waterbirth?

More ladies are choosing to use water as part of their plan for labour and birth, and with good reason too.

Stepping into a deep, warm bath has the desired effect of helping women to relax and flow with their bodies during labour.

There is research evidence to suggest that soaking in a birthing pool can reduce the need for an epidural and help to shorten the first stage of labour.

The waterbirth workshop helps you with everything you will need to know, including:

  • benefits of water birth to mum and baby
  • how your partner can support you during a waterbirth
  • how a baby responds to a waterbirth
  • is waterbirth suitable for everyone?
  • positions for labour and delivery in the pool
  • having a waterbirth at home
  • practical considerations e.g. what to wear etc

Many things learned on the waterbirth workshop can be transferred to a dry land delivery.

The 90 minute workshop provides you with the opportunity to see a birthing pool set up.