How are your classes different from NCT and NHS classes?

Birthready is different from NCT in that classes are taught by a practising midwife.  Expectant parents have access to a practitioner's experience supporting women during pregnancy, labour, birth and afterwards.

NHS classes can sometimes be difficult to access outside of normal working hours.  NHS classes often have no reunion and can be less focused on social networking.

How many couples do you have per class?

We have a maximum of 8 couples per class, sometimes working together in two smaller groups.

Are classes just for first time parents?

Classes are for everyone whether this is your first baby or if you have had a baby before.

At what stage of pregnancy should I do the Birthready course?

The course can be taken at any stage of pregnancy.  A suggestion would be to do the course anytime after the 30th week of pregnancy.

Will I need to bring anything to the course?

You might want to bring a notepad and pen.  A course booklet is available for participants to take home.

Do I need to wear sports wear?

Please feel free to wear whatever is comfortable for you.  Although we do discuss positions for labour and birth and breathing techniques, this does not require specific sport or leisure wear.

Are the classes just for people having a baby in Cardiff?

The course is suitable for anyone having a baby in hospital or at home anywhere in the UK.