Why choose the Birthready course?

Having a baby is one of the most important events that will happen in the life of a woman. The Birthready course aims to help you and your partner feel more confident and prepared for labour, birth and the arrival of your new baby.

Forming friendships with people in the same boat can be a huge encouragement when things become tricky or to share the joys and experiences of having a newborn.  The course is a great way to develop friendships with other expectant parents.

The Birthready course is one of the few private antenatal courses in South Wales that is taught by a practising midwife.  Many antenatal courses do not require the educator to have had any professional experience of caring for woman and babies at birth.  Helen brings over 12 years experience of midwifery and knowledge to the course with ongoing professional responsibility to provide excellence in care to woman and partners on the Birthready course.

Birthready is for everyone whether this is your first baby or if you have had a baby before.

What happens on the course?

The course begins with the opportunity to meet other couples and to get to know Helen.

Although there is a framework for the course to progress through, there is also time and opportunity to focus on questions and topics that expectant parents bring to the course.

Learning happens through presentations, practical demonstrations, discussion and small group work.  

There are two ways to attend the course.  Either as a one day 6 hour intensive course usually run on a Saturday or Sunday.  Or the course can be accessed over four two hour evening sessions run over four weeks.  The evening sessions allow more opportunity to develop relationships with other couples on the course.  Both courses will be invited to attend a meet up once all the babies are born.

What kind of things are covered by the course?

As a flexible guide Birthready looks at questions and topics including:

  • A guide to the stages of labour and what is happening with your body and baby as labour progresses.
  • How to recognise labour.  When is it time to call the midwife?
  • What do I need to have ready for going into hospital or staying at home to have baby
  • Local service provision for when you are in labour and after baby is born
  • The benefits of active birth
  • Coping strategies, breathing techniques and pain relief including waterbirth
  • What can you expect with a spontaneous vaginal birth, forceps or ventouse birth or caesarean section.
  • How long do I stay in hospital and what happens whilst I am in?
  • How will I feel physically and emotionally after I have had a baby?
  • Discussion and help to prepare a birth partner for labour and birth

It’s not all about the birth!  Going home with a new baby can feel rather daunting. Birthready teaches practical skills and discusses ways to help adjust to life with a newborn. Subjects include:

  • How to tell if baby is feeding well
  • What things do I really need to buy for a new baby?
  • Changing nappies and bathing baby
  • Common health issues with a newborn
  • FAQs for newborn behaviour
  • How to access support and help
  • How much sleep will I really get?!

A course manual \ accompanies the course so that relevant information is at hand once you are at home.

It is our desire that the information you receive is unbiased and evidence based.  The course aims to empower you to have confidence in the decisions you make for labour and birth.

“We found Helen to be friendly, approachable, down to earth and incredibly supportive.  We appreciated having someone so experienced giving us clear and informed advice”                                                                                      Emma & Adam, Cardiff

Please note that the birthready midwife is not permitted to offer personal medical or health related advice.  If you have any concerns about you or your baby, please seek advice from your own midwife, health visitor or doctor.

How much does the course cost?

The cost of the course is the same whether you attend as a couple or individual.  A couple being a pregnant lady and choice of birth partner, friend or relative.

The cost of the one day intensive course is £80.

The cost of the four evening sessions is £110.

Please see the booking page for information on how to book, venues, dates and our cancellation policy.