Baby massage is a lovely way to nurture the bond between you and your baby.  The Birthready Baby Massage course will teach you gentle strokes and techniques needed to give a soothing and relaxing massage for your baby.  You may find that your baby benefits from baby massage in many ways including:

  • helping your baby to sleep
  • improving digestion
  • giving relief from colic
  • aiding circulation
  • develop mentally, socially and physically

The soothing strokes of baby massage help to release the "cuddle" hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby.  Oxytocin is the hormone that gives you a warm loving feeling when you hold your baby close or feed baby.  Massage, particularly on those tricky days can give you a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and connection to your baby.

A typical class will include:

  • gentle songs to give cues to your baby that it is massage time
  • tips to learn if your baby is happy to be massaged at that time
  • complementary oil suitable for infant skin
  • demonstration of massage technique
  • helpful techniques for babies with tummy issues or colic
  • tips for a happy "tummy time"

The course costs £48 for six one hour sessions and is delivered by midwife Helen Lawrence.  The baby massage course is recommended for babies who are 6 weeks old and above.  Don't worry if your baby needs to sleep or feed during one of the sessions, there will be plenty of opportunity to rehearse the techniques next time.  Courses are held in Whitchurch Community Centre.  There is a little cafe in the centre for coffee after the session.

To book a place on the course and view available dates please visit our bookings page